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Feedback from Realizelive conference

By Richard Turner | Jul 11, 2019 2:24:33 PM

Realize Live 2019

We had a great time at the Siemen’s RealizeLive Annual Conference in Detroit last month.  Some excellent conversations and networking opportunities for all of us.  I wanted to share some of the feedback and questions that came from our presentation.

  • How to manage classification changes in a Teamcenter Classification. We discussed manual options to complete updating an existing category in a more automated process, when to consider one over the other.
  • Benefits of just deploying a classification structure. We reminded companies this is great for supporting new parts but will not help with re-use considering your existing data is not classified. Good short term, bad long term.
  • The value of near duplicates versus straight duplicates. We discussed the value near duplicate identification can provide to an organization – including clustering and grouping similar parts for procurement spend rationalization.

I also wanted to share some of the new Siemens developments in the area of parts classification.  We learned about the latest releases coming and also how Siemens is integrating AI into the classification process

  • eClass release this summer comes with an eClass structure out of the box, for the customers looking to adopt eClass standard structure versus creating something from scratch.
  • AI will analyze an existing classification catalog and use that information to help classify new parts going forward, to make sure new parts get put into the correct category.
  • We plan to pilot both capabilities and share results in future Community Group Meeting. Stay Tuned!

Lastly, I wanted to announce our raffle winner from the conference.

  • Geoffrey from Ingersoll Rand won our raffle!

Topics: Classification

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