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PLM World - Detroit 2018

By Richard Turner | Dec 6, 2018 2:58:00 PM

We are excited to be participating in PLM World Detroit Regional 1-day Conference this year on October 11, 2018 at the Troy Marriott.
Siemens PLM Connection – Americas brings together PLM World members, partners, and Siemens PLM Software employees looking to forge new connections, expand knowledge, and increase expertise. Attendees represent a variety of industries and job functions – many outside the traditional “user’s group” scope. This conference is sure to provide you with the opportunity to discover new Siemens PLM Software techniques, tips & tricks, hands-on training, and connect you with dozens of thought leaders in your industry. Siemens PLM Connection will benefit both you and your company as a whole.
As a PLM World Partner, we believe that by attending this conference you will walk away with a greater knowledge of your dedicated field, and hopefully with views from peers that you may have not thought of before. With more the technical sessions and new connections, you have the ability to attend events most relevant to you.
The benefits of attending:

• Knowledge Sharing and Cross-Training,
• Be The First to Know
• Increased Knowledge = Increased Productivity
• A Chance to Give Your Company a Voice
• Support Organizational and Industry Initiatives
• Networking
• and, of course, visiting US and other PLM World Partners' booths

Topics: convergence data

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