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New Multi-Select Structure Editing

Posted by Convergence Data Team on Oct 23, 2020 12:34:41 PM

We are excited to announce our 10.1 release and promote our new data classification multi-select editing capabilities.  Now DFR users can select multiple categories at once and perform different types of edits – copy/paste or prune/graft.  What this means is users can make significant data model changes when building and iterating your classification structure; that much easier to do.  Along with the categories – all the associated attributes get moved in one single operation.

If you have parts assigned to categories that you want to move – don’t worry – our multi-select prune and graft allows DFR users to select multiple categories and move them along with the attributes and the parts – all in one single operation.  These changes will save our users lots of time and hopefully give them the structure they desire with less effort.

For more details check out the short video or contact us today for a demonstration –

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DFR v10 Launch

Posted by Convergence Data Team on Jul 7, 2020 12:52:02 PM
Check out DFR v10, our major milestone release for DFR Online. 
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We've integrated several modules in this new release with the latest controls and a new web-based user interface.  This release represents 20 years of knowledge capture for everything you do in a data classification and enrichment process.  Running in the cloud and supporting some of our customers largest data sets, ours is the most scalable architecture capable of enabling large global projects including our India operations.

Click here for a 5-minute sneak preview demonstration for this release.

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DFR V10 - New All-In-One Subscription

Posted by Richard Turner on Aug 2, 2019 10:08:52 AM

We are both excited and proud to be announcing version 10 of our DFR (Design for Retrieval) software. We have been improving our classification software each year since we first started in 2002. Version 10 captures our best practices on a new very scalable architecture.  As many of our customers know we have been working to move key collaboration modules into DFR Online web application from from our thick client, this will make it much easier for the users to use and access.

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This is also the first time we have packaged software and services into one fee structure to keep things simpler for us and our customers. (all-in-one)
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